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Fisher & Paykel Appliances

Fisher & Paykel Appliances.


Fisher & Paykel was formed as an importing company dealing in Crosley refrigerators, Kelvinator refrigerators, Maytag washing machines, and radios. Gradually, this was extended to included vacuum cleaners and other brands. In 1939 the company commenced its own manufacturing and produced Kelvinator fridges, as well as its own branded products, such as Savaday and Bendix, which were distributed to New Zealand retailers and department stores. As the firm diversified in the 1960s, the products expanded to include spark plugs, televisions, vacuum cleaners, air conditioning systems, and medical products. This was supported by a finance company, and wholly owned distribution company.

By the mid-1980s, the company had sprawled to a range of wholly-owned and part-owned subsidiaries producing products as varied as spark plugs and televisions. The group also owned the Dunedin appliance manufacturer, H.E. Shacklock Ltd as well as Fisher and Paykel Finance, to support its appliance sales, and a new company, formed in 1982, Fisher & Paykel Medical Inc., to distribute the firms growing range of medical products in the USA.

Electronics were integral to the development of the firm. In a long-term relationship with Matsushita, Fisher & Paykel distributed of National, Technics, and Panasonic products including stereos, telephones, televisions, and marine communication products. It paralleled the firms own investment in electronic technology which saw the introduction of electronic control systems for production lines, as well as the development of electronically-controlled appliances, such as the ECS electronic washing machine.

In 1991, the firm cemented its involvement in the Australian market with the construction of a purpose-built factory in Brisbane to supplement its plants at East Tamaki and Dunedin, allowing faster and easier access to the Australian markets. While it remains a New Zealand firm, the company is increasingly involved offshore. By 2005, considerable marketing efforts were underway in the United States as well as Europe. Alongside the mainstream products such as SmartDrive and DishDrawer, further product variations have been developed suited to the needs of overseas consumers, such as the Titan range of ovens for the American market.

Vacuum Cleaners Vacuum cleaners.

The Australian Plant

The Australian Plant.

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